Beauty In Bloom by Charlotte Hawkins

Facial Massage Benefits

  ‘plan for the worst but hope for the best’ Without even realising it this has been my outlook throughout the entire past 12 months. It’s definitely served me well whilst trying to remain positive, even when there have been moments of complete uncertainty and we’ve been forced to step into the unknown. As humans […]

It’s the little things.

It’s January, 2021 and we’re here again!! Lockdown 3.0; as much as we all kind of expected these restrictions I’m not sure any of us were completely prepared, both physically and mentally. I certainly wasn’t! And despite having a great deal of extra time on my hands to write this post I struggled to find […]

‘Lockdown’ Homecare

On Monday 23rd March 2020 we were instructed by our Prime Minister & the UK Government to temporarily close our doors in order to adhere to the guidelines that would hopefully protect and safeguard us all from COVID-19. At this point I was unbelievably stressed at the idea of being closed for 2/3 weeks and […]

An Introduction to Nimue

It seemed only fitting to focus this months post on Nimue, following a fantastic day spent with some of the Nimue team and other Nimue Pro’s at the Sweet Squared Nimue Inspiration Roadshow, where I was most certainly inspired. I was first introduced to Nimue back in April, and at the time had no idea […]

Makeup Brushes

With so many different makeup brushes it can be hard to know which one to use for what, well the answer is there is no right or wrong. Well, within reason anyway….I can’t imagine anyone attempting to use a big fluffy powder brush to apply their eye shadow. But to help guide you, here’s what […]

The ‘low down’ on Lashes

After brows, I figured it made sense to cover lashes, and with it always being a topical question for many brides to be I hope this post will help in your decision making. So whether they’re real or not, we all want great lashes, and here is some advice and options that’ll hopefully help. I’d […]

How to make sure your brows are ‘on point’

In a fast pace world of the beauty industry I doubt if there is anyone who hasn’t seen or heard of some of the latest brow trends and it can be quite the minefield even for a professional. So I thought I’d share a few of my experiences, some do’s and don’ts plus help guide […]

Get to know your skin a little better and find out what it needs

It was only the other day I was asked what moisturiser I’d recommend for very dry skin and as there are so many on the market offering such a variety of benefits even as a beautician it can be hard to specify one. I can only suggest the products that I have tried and tested […]

Waxing – the secret is to NOT tweeze between appointments!

Whether it’s your brows, bikini, underarms or legs all hair removal benefits from waxing, and heres why. Compared to alternative hair removal techniques such as; shaving and removal creams, waxing is one of the fastest ways of getting rid of unwanted hair straight from the root. This then ensures you get the most amount of […]

Give your Makeup Brushes some TLC

After a busy wedding season and countless times of cleaning and drying my brushes, I decided that since I’d been asked many times how often I clean my brushes by several people it would be good to explain how, why and how often to clean your makeup brushes. Admittedly this is not one of my […]

To Tan or Not To Tan?

Beauty covers a whole heap of things and with so many topics to cover it was difficult to choose what to write about next, especially at this time of year, when it’s all about looking and feeling good in the summer sun. *I must also just mention that as a professional and in my personal […]