Beauty In Bloom by Charlotte Hawkins

Whether it’s your brows, bikini, underarms or legs all hair removal benefits from waxing, and heres why.

Compared to alternative hair removal techniques such as; shaving and removal creams, waxing is one of the fastest ways of getting rid of unwanted hair straight from the root. This then ensures you get the most amount of time hair free, with at least 3 to 4 weeks before needing another appointment. There are many waxing options for you to use at home but the best way to guarantee a perfectly smooth hair free area is to see a professional, this way not only will you have lovely smooth legs or perfectly tamed brows but you should receive the appropriate aftercare advice you need following your treatment.

Despite the general belief that waxing is painful, if it is done correctly and effectively it should only be a very brief moment of discomfort. I’m not going to lie though there are some areas that are perhaps slightly more sensitive than others but the results make it totally worthwhile. And over a long period of time the area you have waxed will decrease in hair growth and you should find significantly less growing through each month, although this can take a few years before you notice a huge difference but it varies person to person.

Whether you shave, wax or use creams you’re always going to be susceptible to ingrowing hairs and skin irritation, every girls nightmare! Although you should find with regular waxing and good aftercare, your skin stays smooth and ingrown hair free. Most people have an initial histamine reaction immediately after their wax, this is where the skin looks slightly red and bumpy. This reddening is caused by the skins response to having all the hairs pulled out, and will ease and go down after 12 to 24 hours post treatment. It is helped by using a Tea Tree based lotion or in some cases just the essential Tea Tree Oil, I’d highly recommend Australian Bodycare, I use their afterwax lotion and their oil both professionally and at home.

Waxing may seem like a hassle – booking appointments and using afterwax lotion etc but the treatment itself is very fast and convenient, and compared to shaving that needs to be done every other day to avoid that constant stubbly feeling its far less time consuming and there is no risk of cutting yourself.

One disadvantage to waxing can be the length of the hair prior to your appointment, there does need to be a little bit of growth for the wax to grab onto and pull the hair out. Hot wax is always an option for areas like your bikini line, or underarms, this wax will remove shorter hairs but unfortunately there still needs to be a couple of weeks growth at least. This puts a lot of people off and I will hear on a regular basis that clients have plucked a few hairs between appointments, I completely understand why but I’m going to explain why you will remain in an endless cycle. Hair grows on a four week cycle and it has four stages. Over time when waxing you eventually end up removing all the hairs at the same stage – this benefits your treatment because if the hairs are waxed all at the same stage and they’re still attached to the follicle when removed, you will lengthen the time between each waxing session, meaning it takes longer for all the hairs to grow back through.

So you’ve gone for it, you’ve had your wax and your a little sore, your therapist will have given you some tips for the following 12 to 24 hours but as a reminder here’s a few do’s and don’t’s:

  • Avoid swimming or any chlorinated water
  • Avoid hot showers, hot baths, saunas and hot tubs
  • Do not exercise, gym or play sport
  • Do not use any sun beds or expose your waxed skin to the sun
  • No fake tanning
  • Avoid touching or scratching the area
  • Wear loose clothing
  • Use ideally a tea tree based lotion and/or a tea tree oil
  • Exfoliate the waxed area regularly, starting 2-3 days following your treatment