Beauty In Bloom by Charlotte Hawkins

This is a slightly unusual post, but we are in very unusual times and although I wouldn’t normally write about my personal life or experiences I’ve decided to take a different approach for the time being.

Whilst out for my morning run; I was having the standard moan in my own head about how my legs felt tired and my hands were cold! But as I came round the corner the sun was creeping over the horizon and it suddenly dawned on me I needed to quit whingeing and appreciate the beautiful morning I had the pleasure to run in, and I should be grateful for that.

This thought process went further and I realised that if I applied the same theory to the current global situation I could maintain a level of positivity. By looking at what you do have or appreciating something positive in your day rather than focusing on all the negativity around us, you will benefit mentally and emotionally.

We are surrounded by glimmers of hope and positivity, as a community lets not just offer support and pull together physically but share what we’re grateful for.

‘You are 37% more intelligent when you are positive’ I first heard this whilst attending an inspirational road show, hosted by Sweet Squared for Nimue Skin Technology. And by being positive around others influences their intelligence too, my thoughts then lend to wondering if this sort of influence could be transferred through social media. Despite a personal animosity towards social media and the damaging effects it can have, I also consider the benefits of it and I believe this is one of them.

So by taking each day as it comes and looking for some daily positivity I have faith that no matter what we’ll all get through these uncertain times and come out stronger as a community.