Beauty In Bloom by Charlotte Hawkins

In a fast pace world of the beauty industry I doubt if there is anyone who hasn’t seen or heard of some of the latest brow trends and it can be quite the minefield even for a professional. So I thought I’d share a few of my experiences, some do’s and don’ts plus help guide you into making some good brow choices.

Lets start with one of the biggest brow trends, HD Brows or as they are now re branded as High Definition Brows. This company have designed and created their own brow products and then consequently a treatment program, to become a High Definition Brow specialist you must have trained with them and use only their products. Usually if you were to book a brow appointment with your local High Definition professional you’d receive the following treatment. They’d begin by tinting your brows and some of the surrounding area, this is to pick up all the fine blonde hairs and give your brows a fuller and thicker look. Next they’ll shape your brows, starting with measuring out each end and then your arch in the middle with a piece of cotton. To remove any unwanted hairs the therapist will first wax the area, then tweeze any stubborn hairs, they’ll then finish by threading (a hair removal technique from Asia, using a piece of cotton tied and twisted to pull out hairs from the follicle). You may find that your specialist will also cut the ends of your brows by brushing them into place and snipping the longer strays, to create the perfect look. This is a great way to keep on top of your brow shape and colour and would usually be done every 3 to 4 weeks. The price of your treatment will vary depending on where you are in the country, and if you find it’s a little out of your budget why not ask your brow specialist about any alternative brow treatments they might offer. You could always opt for just the tinting, or a simple eyebrow wax.

I personally love having a High Definition Brow treatment, I find it keeps them perfectly in shape, without the concerns of a more permanent treatment. This brings us onto Microblading and Permanent Make-up, both of which use a needle and ink to create a lasting brow look.

There are three main differences between these two types of treatment; the way they look, the way the treatment is carried out and how long they last. Permanent Make-up has been around longer and tends to use older techniques, it is designed to resemble the make-up but in turn can produce a thicker and more solid line. Whereas Microblading is meant to give you a natural look, the strokes should appear individually and look like realistic hair strands.

The tools are somewhat different too, Permanent Make-up uses a traditional tattoo gun meaning it can be hard to get precise lines and they can be slightly thicker. Microblading uses a very small blade with many micro needles to create fine strokes. The strokes are produced manually by the professional, so each stroke is pressed into the first two layers of the clients skin. The lines from Microblading tend to stay precise and sharp with no bleeding.

Microblading though is considered a Semi-permanent treatment and will usually last between 1 to 3 years dependant on the client. This is due to the ink used and that it is deposited fairly shallow into the skin. Permanent Make-up will last as long as any other tattoo, and in general throughout the rest of the client’s life. Although does have a tendency to turn blue or brown, whereas with Microblading this doesn’t happen. The benefit to Microblading having a shorter life span means that as brow styles change you can redesign your look as it fades away. Both these treatments come with a much higher price tag than your average monthly brow wax but should mean you have perfect looking brows for much longer. Unfortunately I can’t speak from experience on either of these but have many friends and clients who have had both success and disappoint from both, so my best advice would be; do your research before booking anything. Find a highly recommended specialist, check out their reviews and any photos of their work, and if not advised perhaps suggest a consultation. Don’t be afraid to tell them exactly what look you’re trying to achieve, remember these are your brows, on your face and you have to be happy with them! And if for whatever reason you’re not…GO BACK!!

I hope that some of this is useful information, if you have any questions or queries regarding your brows do get in touch….if I don’t know the answer I’m sure I’ll know someone that will!

And remember, as a good friend once told me; ‘your brows are sisters, not twins!’