Beauty In Bloom by Charlotte Hawkins

On Monday 23rd March 2020 we were instructed by our Prime Minister & the UK Government to temporarily close our doors in order to adhere to the guidelines that would hopefully protect and safeguard us all from COVID-19. At this point I was unbelievably stressed at the idea of being closed for 2/3 weeks and the impact it would have on our business. Now 12 weeks later our salon is still closed and I’ve become somewhat more accepting of the situation.


Although we’re getting closer to potentially reopening and life is slowly beginning to resume to some form of normality our hair and beauty struggles continue and are reaching breaking point. Following numerous messages from clients; especially those with blonde hair I felt it was time to share some ideas on how to ‘embrace’ your roots and survive the next few weeks.


Firstly I want to congratulate you, look how far you’ve come….remember there was a time when disaster struck if you had to push your appointment back just one week! Now I know we’ve all been at home and socialising is a distant memory, so hair and beauty has been less of a priority but it’s the small things that make us feel ‘normal’ and like our usual selves. So just think how amazing it’s going to feel when you can finally get your hair coloured or your brows tamed or nails Shellac’d. What I’m trying to say is, don’t give up now! We’re almost there and although it’s tempting, don’t pick up that box colour at your next visit to the supermarket or use the kitchen scissors to just snip a little off your fringe, it’ll only make matters worse.

Here are some top tips from Katherine on keeping those roots at bay and making the most of your accidental balyage look!

  • Tie your hair up

By tying your hair up; whether it’s a simple ponytail, bun or a new found ‘lockdown’ style, you can disguise those roots and make them appear a little less obvious.

  • Headbands

These come in all shapes and sizes and it’s just a matter of finding one that works for you and now is a great time to experiment. I’m a big fan of a brightly patterned, soft wrap headband but also use a basic plastic ‘alice band’ style for keeping my fringe out of my face during a run or makeup application (which hasn’t happened since March!!).

  • Clean Hair

Believe it or not your hair can change a shade or two in colour when it’s freshly washed. By giving your hair the full treatment; two shampoos, one conditioner (avoiding the root area) and a bit of a blow dry, you could find that your root area blends far better than when its due a wash.

  • Purple Shampoo

For all those blondes out there struggling without their highlights and toner, why not try a purple shampoo. I’m sure most of you already use a purple shampoo to keep your blonde looking clean and bright but if left on a little longer than usual it could temporarily tone down your blonde slightly. Be careful though; if using a stronger shampoo such as; Fudge Clean Blonde, wear gloves and take note of the time.

I hope some of these ideas help, and lets keep our fingers crossed for: salons, bars/pubs, cafes and restaurants to open again in July. Despite the inconveniences of lockdown I can imagine there have been many positives that have come from this experience too. It’s been inspiring to see how many businesses have found new intuitive ways to open and how families and friends have stayed connected. I’ve definitely dedicated more time to staying in touch with friends on a regular basis; along with taking some time to recharge, reflect and plan my future, both personally and in business. I was once given a piece of unusual advice during a horrible, emotional and traumatic situation ‘to see it as an opportunity’; at the time I thought this comment was a little insensitive and couldn’t understand what he meant. But as time passed that phrase stuck in my head and I begun to realise how true those words were. The past three months are fairly similar, if it hadn’t been for the restrictions/closing of businesses and social distancing many of us would never have had the opportunity to stop, make the most of this time and appreciate what’s most important to us.

Let’s hope that we can all continue and apply (even just a little) what we’ve learnt going forward; making the most of what we have and not taking our freedom, family and friends for granted.

It’s not only our hair and roots that have suffered during the past weeks but it seems some of us are having skin problems too. This can be related to many things but one big cause for skin issues is stress. It may seem a little silly to think that any of us have been stressed whilst ‘Staying at Home’ but as couples are spending more than the average amount of time together and children are permanently at home I think it’s safe to say we’ve all experienced some level of extra stress recently. So here’s a few ways to take care of your skin, give it a boost and make it feel a bit more rejuvenated.

  • Skin routine

It may seem like the most obvious but a basic daily skincare routine takes minutes and will make all the difference. This includes: cleansing, conditioning (depending on your products), day/night cream and most importantly SPF. Perhaps during lockdown you can extend this and take your time with you routine, pamper yourself!

  • Products

Whether you use Nimue Skin Technology or not, ensuring that your products suit your skin and are resolving the issues you have is paramount. If you’re not happy with what you’re using or if you’re not using anything at all; get in touch, speak with a skincare professional and let them help guide you to better skin.

  • Exfoliate

I didn’t include this in the skin routine above because exfoliating should not be done daily. This is something that can be included into your routine after conditioning but before your day/night cream; between 2/3 times per week. Nimue’s Exfoliating Enzyme is without a doubt my favourite product! The enzyme activates whilst on your face and afterwards without fail makes my skin feel brighter, cleaner and so much healthier.

  • Stay at Home

Although I’d always recommend that you speak with either a professional skin therapist or your GP for persistent skin concerns, there are a few ways you can mix up some little home treats for your skin. For Dry skin; coconut oil is a great way to add a bit of moisture, it may not penetrate to those deeper subcutaneous layers but will help with surface level dryness. Combing oats and water for sensitive skin is a nice gentle exfoliator that will help get rid of those dead skin cells on top. Other ‘home exfoliators’ are: honey & brown sugar (green tea optional), coffee granules, coconut oil & honey & lemon. Note; all these mixtures will offer only surface level exfoliation and/or therapeutic.

  • Self Care

For some this maybe stating the obvious but it’s undoubtedly key to having great looking skin and goes hand in hand with any products/skincare that you use. Ensuring that you drink plenty; the NHS recommends that in the UK we drink 1.2 litres of plain water a day. Sleep; lack of sleep or good quality rest can result in our skin looking dull and grey. Both nutrition and alcohol can also affect our skin, if you don’t consume the correct nutrition your skin will suffer. By drinking alcohol you will deprive your skin of vital vitamins and minerals, cause dehydration and promote restless sleep.

It’s important we take care of ourselves and our well being and there is no time like the present, so whether it’s a quick face mask or an increase in your water intake, by making one change today it could not only make a big difference right now but possibly initiate you to take further steps in looking after yourself in the future.

For more information on hair, beauty, skincare or general wellbeing; get in touch,