Beauty In Bloom by Charlotte Hawkins

Just as we have the last wedding of the year, we start focusing on 2019 and what an exciting year it’s already shaping up to be. It’s definitely a huge compliment when friends and family ask you to be apart of their special day, not only being a guest but their hair and make up stylist too. So we’re really looking forward to another year full of wedding fever.

Being Bridal hair and makeup specialists with over 20 years experience between us we understand just how important how you look and feel when walking down the aisle on your big day is. There are so many questions…hair up? Hair down? Natural makeup? Lip colour? Lashes, no lashes? For all of which we are here to help with, and guide you to make the choices perfect for you. Before your trial it’s always a good idea to get some visual inspiration, this will give us a better understanding of what look you are trying to achieve. I recommend using an app such as Pinterest to find these images, but always bear in mind that photos online maybe photo shopped and filtered. A good starting point is; How do you wear your hair and makeup daily? Use this as a basis and then your stylist can help you create your perfect look.

In terms of your hair it’s usually better to have your dress so that we can take into consideration the neckline and/or backline. For example, if you have a silhouette or low back it can be nice to show this part of the dress off and wear your hair pinned up. Another benefit of having your hair pinned up is that it’ll be out of your way and no chance of any curls dropping. So once you’ve got your hair figured out you can start thinking of makeup. Your makeup artist will consider your colouring to match your foundation and guide you with colours for your eyes and contour but things to consider beforehand can be; what colour you’d normally wear, the time of year, the colour theme of your wedding and in general your preference. This applies to both eye and lip colour, with your lip colour though (as I’ve probably mentioned in a previous post) I always recommend once you’ve decided what you’re wearing to purchase the product yourself so that you can top up throughout the day.

I suppose the biggest piece of advice I can give is to be true to you! You undoubtedly want to look your best and feel extra special but ultimately being comfortable is so important. Wedding days are long, emotional and an opportunity to create memories that last a lifetime, feeling like yourself is priority. The second piece of advice comes from speaking with a close friend of mine, following her wedding this year in Windermere. We had an initial hair and makeup trial and she was happy with both at the time, but after giving it more thought she decided that her makeup wasn’t the exact look she was going for. So we trialed her makeup again and this time got it spot on. When she got in touch to arrange the second trial I was so pleased that she felt comfortable enough to let me know that the first look wasn’t quite right. It turns out that if I hadn’t been her friend she may not have felt as though she could give this feedback. When I heard this, I felt disappointed that a bride might feel that she’s not able to approach her makeup artist and be entirely honest about their work. I can only stress that this is your day and if there is something you don’t like or another look you’d like to try you should always let your artist know. Don’t be discouraged or pressured to appear happy when you’re not, always be honest!

When it comes to wedding planning there is so much to think about, so many decisions to make, but it’s our job along with the other professionals that are apart of your day to make that ‘To Do’ list a little easier. I hope that this helps with your initial hair and makeup planning but if you would like some more advice or have any questions or enquiries, do get in touch.

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Beauty in Bloom