Beauty In Bloom by Charlotte Hawkins

Happy New Year! As we head into 2019 full of hope, plans and resolutions I thought a few top tips on hair care would be perfect for anyone focusing on better wellbeing this year.

At the salon we take pride in making sure all of our clients have their hair in the best condition possible. And if we can’t provide a recommended product we’ll always suggest the most affordable and convenient place to buy it.

Without question having your hair regularly trimmed will always help to keep your hair looking neat, tidy and healthy. Whether you are trying to grow it or just want to maintain your style, a quick dry trim every 4 to 6 weeks will ensure you avoid any split ends.

If you find your hair is lacking moisture, and feeling a little dry our biggest top tip is Coconut Oil! Yep, the stuff you cook with; it’s cost effective, natural and available in most supermarkets. Depending on how much hair you have, take enough to distribute throughout your lengths and ends, massage in and leave for a few hours. Then rinse thoroughly, you may need to shampoo your hair so that its not left feeling oily. It’ll vary how often you need to apply, but speak with your hairdresser to get specific advice on your hair type.

A topic that has cropped up with clients recently is combing and/or brushing your hair. Admittedly this is not something I do daily, and it seems the same goes for my colleagues as well. This was not necessarily a conscious decision but we have now decided that in some cases it may benefit your hair to avoid over brushing. Personally, I have found that my hair appears less greasy and I lose less in between shampooing. Its also important to bear in mind what your using on your hair, your hair is more fragile when wet, so you should only use a wide toothed comb or tangle teezer.

When drying, focus the direction of the airflow from the hairdryer downwards, toward the ends of your hair for a smoother look.

Despite having a wide range of products available, I’m sure most hairdressers will agree that they have their favourites. For blow-drying smooth I love to use R+Co’s High Dive, its great for adding shine and moisture. To ensure your style lasts all day though Scwarzkopf Silhouette Super Hold hairspray is undoubtedly the best. Most recently, a new found favourite is Puff Me by Design.ME a definite go to for styling any updo. Both Katherine and I like to apply a small amount of Alterna Caviar’s CC Cream 10-in-1 complete correction to add a little texture to any blow dry. Finally an all round fantastic hair product has to be’s Uniq 1 All in One treatment; it comes in four different scents and has 10 real hair care benefits.

  • Repair for dry & damaged hair
  • Shine & frizz control
  • Heat protection
  • Silkiness & smoothness
  • Hair colour protection/with UVA & UVB filters
  • Easier brushing & ironing
  • Incredible detangling
  • Long lasting hairstyle
  • Split ends prevention
  • Adds body

For more top tips, or specific advice for your hair type get in touch via email or facebook.