Beauty In Bloom by Charlotte Hawkins


‘plan for the worst but hope for the best’

Without even realising it this has been my outlook throughout the entire past 12 months. It’s definitely served me well whilst trying to remain positive, even when there have been moments of complete uncertainty and we’ve been forced to step into the unknown. As humans we are incredibly adaptable beings and this has been demonstrated throughout all areas of our lives in the last year. We’ve all had to change how we work, learn, socialise and even buy groceries; and as a close contact business it’s been hard to find ways to stay connected with our clients and offer our services in this new world. But with a little initiative we’ve managed to evolve how we work into: doorstep ‘hair colour’ deliveries, product deliveries, video tutorials and most recently online Zoom facials. Although a little apprehensive whether it would actually work or not, it’s safe to say I’m loving this new way of working.

Each session has been limited to a small intimate group so that everyone can feel comfortable, be unmuted and enjoy the ‘virtual’ interaction. I have always loved working Saturdays, whether I’ve been in the busy salon or had the pleasure to be apart of a Bride’s special morning, it’s such a great start to the weekend. So for me these sessions have been the perfect substitution and I’m pretty sure they’ll continue to have a place in my diary for the future.

During each call I try to give as much information on each of the products that we’re using, without all the information being too overwhelming (or boring). I also like to take a moment to demonstrate (follow the leader style) a facial massage. This type of massage can be really simple; as long or as short as you’d like and very easy to carry out on yourself. In general we don’t allow ourselves this extra time and ‘slap’ our creams on whilst we rush out the door….or to the kitchen table!! But taking some time just for you, to apply your mask, day/night cream or serum, slowly can have some real benefits.

~  Muscle Tension ~ Believe it or not we hold a great deal of tension in both our face and hands; numerous hours squinting in front of screens, leading stress driven lives, tiredness. All these factors can cause facial muscle tension, especially around the eyes, jaw and neck.

~  Increased Blood Flow ~ By massaging or manipulating the muscles in our face and neck we stimulate the blood flow to those areas. This is why tapotement (quick, light tapping) is important. If we increase the blood flow, we increase the oxygen, which means there will be more nutrients reaching the skin. This will in turn kick start the fibroblasts in the basal layer (deepest layer) of the skin and encourage more production of collagen, helping with the signs of ageing.

~  Drain Lymph Nodes ~ We all want glowing skin but more often than not our lifestyles, diet and environmental factors leave our skin looking: dull, grey and sometimes puffy. By using techniques such as pressure points we can drain blocked lymph nodes in our face, neck and behind the ears, releasing any unwanted toxins. These toxins all contribute to fine lines, breakouts and the early stages of ageing.

~  Product Absorption ~ Get the most out of all those lovely skincare products you’ve invested in! Massaging your products into the skin will ensure you apply evenly and thoroughly, along with improving their absorption.

~  Relax ~ By just taking 3 to 5 minutes around 3x per week you can create your own little piece of calm. Relieve and massage all those emotional stresses away, with just a few minutes of self care. This is less time than it takes to drink of cup of tea!!

Although we have been given the latest update regarding the ‘roadmap’ out of the pandemic it’s safe to say that some of our new way of living could have come slightly habitual and I have to admit there have been some elements that I have enjoyed (and may even miss!!). Despite the challenges we’ve faced I’d say many of us have learnt to be ‘happy at home’ and embrace that the ‘insperience’ as the new experience. And even after normality resumes perhaps its not such a bad thing if we take some of this ‘new norm’ into the future with us.


The facial massage video demonstration will be available to all Online Facial Clients.