Beauty In Bloom by Charlotte Hawkins

It’s already the end of January and as we all set our New Years resolutions and targets for 2020, we’ve been working towards one of our major goals for this year. Following the announcement last autumn that we’d like to begin the journey into becoming a sustainable and environmentally friendly salon we’ve been hard at work finding all the best ways to achieve this.

As we got started last year with our Eco-friendly journey we knew instantly that it would be an ongoing process. We’re aware that there are so many ways in which we can improve our sustainability and we felt the biggest one is recycling. So our first step we decided was to get in touch with the local council and request a recycling bin, but were shocked to discover that this would cost us almost £40 per month for a weekly collection. A price at which we felt does not encourage businesses large or small to recycle. This is such a simple way for everyone to do their bit but by charging businesses so much they are more than likely going to throw all their rubbish into their trade waste that they already pay for. Not letting this discourage us, we are currently take as much of our recycling away ourselves and then decided to confront the issue and get in touch with our Local MP…but it turns out easy said than done!

Along with the recycling we have been taking a look at our product brands, including hair, beauty and makeup. Working out which ones fit the bill and which ones we need to change. Our biggest requirement is obviously ensuring that they’re Cruelty Free and that their packaging is firstly recyclable and ideally from recycled plastic. At current we are trialling a handful of new hair products including styling and colour, but have yet to make our final decision.

Some of the other efforts we are hoping to make at the salon are; using energy efficient tools and have LED bulbs, use a food waste bin, eco-friendly cleaning products and consider a renewable energy company. We are keen to find as many ways as possible to improve our environmentally friendly ‘ness’ and would hugely appreciate any positive suggestions that would help us with our goal.

As this year is setting up to be busier than ever with many different projects, and to ensure we dedicated, as much time into achieving our goals the plan is to post and update our blog bi-monthly this year. Hoping that we’ll have plenty to fill you in on and keep it interesting, so we’ll see you in March!