Beauty In Bloom by Charlotte Hawkins

Following on from my last post and after receiving a lovely variety of their products at Christmas I wanted to share how impressed I’ve been with what I’ve tried so far.

The Body Shop has been around for years, since 1976 to be precise, we all know it and have our favourites. I have fond memories of the Banana Shampoo and Strawberry Shower Gel both smelling so good you’d almost be tempted to lick them! But other than picking up the odd shower gel now and then, I’d never bothered to look further at their other ranges.

A couple of my friends have recently become Body Shop Representatives and as it was roughly a month to Christmas I thought I’d have a small gathering and host a party. This was perfectly timed but purely by accident on Black Friday, meaning the party was a great success with all the amazing special offers and Christmas Gift purchasing. The price of the products initially impressed, even at full price they seemed very reasonable. We sampled an array of different products from each range and once again I was pleasantly surprised. I was even surprised when a couple of friends of mine who suffer with eczema and sensitive skin responded really well to most of the items they tried.

I put together a list of items I wanted for myself (to pass onto my other half!) and purchased several products for others at Christmas.

Come Boxing Day I was desperate to try out some of the presents that I received, and decided it would be a great way to take some time out for myself (start 2018 as we mean to go on). I used Drops of Youth Liquid Peel followed by the Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask. My skin was looking dull and tired, so the peel gave me a fantastic exfoliation that I hadn’t even realised I needed. And the mask, well despite its slightly overwhelming tingly feeling left my skin feeling fresh, smooth and rejuvenated. It was the best my skin has felt in a long time! Since then I have used both items again, with the same results. Along with the British Rose Petal-Soft Toner, it works great as a makeup remover too.

I’d say the Charcoal Mask has quickly become a favourite of mine, along with its benefits for my skin it encourages me to take 10 minutes to relax whilst it sets and dries. This discovery has certainly given me more confidence to look further than the Shower Gel shelf. And I would highly recommend all the products I have tried so far and I can’t wait to sample some more this year….next on my list; Matte Clay Concealer. I’ll let you know how it goes!