Beauty In Bloom by Charlotte Hawkins

We’ve all seen that gorgeous loose wave or beach styled hair, its been around for years but it seems very ‘on trend’ right now. And being someone with little time, and having found a quick and easy way to achieve the look I thought I’d share it.

I’ve seen this wavy styled hair on many celebrities, all over magazines and social media so I decided to try and find a way to create this look quick and simply. And in actual fact I figured out the easiest way by accident. As I am someone who works out a few times a week I’m always washing my hair after training but never have the time to blow dry it afterwards, but then hate wearing my hair down wet. So although having very short hair at the time I managed to put one French plait in and then left it, when I took it out the following day my hair had dried with a lovely loose wave throughout.

Once I realised that sleeping on wet plaited hair gave me the look I wanted I could then find ways to improve it. Here are a few top tips that I’ve discovered work really well to get the best out of this style.

• Firstly after towel drying your hair, spray it with Bamboo Beach Tousled Texture Spray, this adds great texture and hold the following day.

• Next give your hair a quick blast with the hairdryer, for how long will depend on how thick your hair is but you just need to take some of the moisture out so that it’s not dripping wet and will dry quicker overnight.

• If you have a fringe (which I do) this is a good opportunity to blow dry it making it easier to style  the next day.

• Then plait your hair! I prefer one big plait down the middle and find a Dutch plait much easier to do on myself but have found that a French plait gives a much nicer wave. If you have shorter hair try two or even three plaits.

• The next day, make sure your hair is dry, if not use the hair dryer to dry it off while your plait is still in place.

• Take the plait out and try not to run your hands through the waves too much, separate the hair from the plait carefully and if you’ve done multiple plaits make sure you don’t still have a parting once your hair is down. Use a comb gently to tease the hair into place.

• Finally, hair spray! And lots of it! I like Schwarzkopf Silhouette Super Hold, it has fantastic hold and my waves will last me all day, spray the lengths and ends, the back and even underneath, make sure you get plenty on and it gets everywhere. Enjoy your beach waves!!


A quick tutorial on how to plait your own hair….any questions, or for more tips email